Hi !

Hi, and welcome to my corner of the internet !
I am currently finishing my Master's degree in physics at EPFL, where I specialize in biophysics, numerical physics, data science and machine learning.

Above are some older projects, written in JavaScript, although I much prefer to toy around with Python and C++ nowadays (sadly they don't portray as nicely in a webpage). To see some of my more recent projects, head over to my GitHub page !

Find my CV here, or let's chat!

Data made pretty

Here is little playlist of physics animations and visualizations I made over the years of various projects.

I've also recently had the opportunity of working on a vulgarization comic about data visualization and how to manipulate graphs or data to mislead interpretation !

Abradatabra !

Project writeups

Hollow Knight plushie

Sun Sep 26 2021

A plushie of the Knight.

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String art

Thu Oct 22 2020

A string art made as a secret santa gift !

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Toothless kigu

Sun Mar 01 2020

Step by step tutorial for sewing your own Toothless kigurumi. Here are some pictures of the one I made for my sister :

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Exporting pens made easy

Fri Apr 21 2017

I programmed a bookmarklet to easily download your codepen projects.
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